Principles Of Safety and Handling

  • Forklift blades spacing must be properly adjusted in order to prevent panel damages and for a balanced transportation by forklift.
  • Fabric slings must be used to unload panels, and the slings should be suspended on crane hook using a steel apparatus.
  • Panels should be carried in vertical position in order to prevent bending. It should only be held from the single layer plate female connection edge.
  • If you need to cut the panels, use decoupage or special cutting tools instead of spiral grinder.
  • Protective film coating used in panel production must be removed latest in two weeks. Longer periods may cause damages on paint layer during removal.
  • Pads must be placed under piles awaiting for assembly at minimum 150 cm intervals. Piles should not be in inclined position on pads. Storage of panels in piles over 4 weeks is not recommended. Maximum 2 piles can be placed. Panels should be stored in an indoor area. Panels should be protected against direct sun light, snow and rain exposure. A natural ventilation should be allowed under cover in order to prevent sweating. Panels should be protected against corrosion by water and moisture accumulation between panels.
  • Warning: It is customer responsibility to ensure fire safety both in stock and during and after assembly.